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Name:Liquid tight smooth PVC coated metallic flexible conduit
Material:smooth PVC jacketed, galvanized steel core
Temperature range:-10℃---+80℃
PVC color:black
Normal size:5/16"---4"
Packing:100 m/roll; 50 m/roll; 20 m/roll; 10 m/roll
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MYW-LT3S Series(PDF Specifications)

Mu Yu Wen Hardware has exported quality metallic flexible conduit to many countries. Type MYW-LT3S series are sutable for general industrial installations and wire protection. 


1. Material: smooth PVC jacketed, galvanized steel core

2. Temperature range: -10℃---+80℃

3. PVC color: black

4. Normal size: 5/16"---4"

5. Having a good performance of waterproof, strong tensile resistant, not easily borken or deformed.

6. UV resistance and anti-aging.


Match with:

Zinc die casting fitting

Nickel plated brass fitting

Zinc plated steel fitting

Stainless steel fitting




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