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Name:Nickel plated brass straight fitting
Flexible conduit size(I.D):3/8"---4"
Protection rating:IP65
Thread standard:G, metric, NPT
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MYW-LTCB Series(PDF Specifications)


1. Material: brass

2. Flexible conduit size(I.D): 3/8"---4"

3. Protection rating: IP65

4. Plating: nickel

5. Thread standard: G, metric, NPT

6. Good looking appearance, compact structure, easy assembly and strong pull resistance.

7. Water and dust resistant.

8. Sealing washers and lock nuts are included.


Match with:

PVC coated galvanized steel flexible conduit

Galvanized steel flexible conduit

Stainless steel flexible conduit

PVC coated stainless steel flexible conduit

Liquid tight smooth PVC coated metallic flexible conduit


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