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Name:Nickel plated brass cable gland
Thread standard:PG, metric, G
Protection rating:IP68
Temperature range:-40℃---+110℃ (Static); -20℃---+80℃ (Dynamic)
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MYW-CGB Series(PDF Specifications)

Except for the different materials, MYW-CGB series & MYW-CGS series have the same structure and size. You can chosse according your actual needs. Metallic cable gland is an important accessoy for industrial and electrical installation, it can fix the cable on the elctrical equipment or box, achieve a degree of water proof and protection.


1. Material: brass

2. Thread standard: PG, metric, G

3. Plating: nickel

4. Protection rating: IP68(Within clamping range,using "o" seal ring and screw tightly the pressing fastener)

5. Temperature range: -40℃---+110℃ (Static); -20℃---+80℃ (Dynamic)

6. Sealing washers and lock nuts are included.



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