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Chengdu Mu Yu Wen Hardware Co., Ltd. is a professional cable management  solutions provider based in China, specializing in flexible metallic conduit, conduit fittings and cable gland

With high quality experienced engineers and workers, the company have made great progress in the field of flexible conduit and conduit fittings. We have successfully developed 4 kinds of conduit fittings, such as zinc diecast alloy fitting, steel fitting, brass fitting and stainless steel fitting. All the fittings are availble in straigh, 45 degree and 90 degree. 5 kinds of flexible conduit, such as unjackted galvanized steel/stainless steel flexible conduit, PVC coated metal flexible conduit, liquid tight metal flexible conduit with smooth PVC coated etc. The company also exported quality products to many countries over the past years, got widely recognition from customers.

The company is committed to supplying you with quality products for a very competitive price. For more information on the company, call: +86-28-64728256; e-mail: info@flexible-connection.com; website:www.flexible-connection.com


Conduit and fittings


  • 2019

    After 5 years of hard work, the company had successfully developed 4 different materials of conduit fittings to meet market demand, such as zinc diecast alloy fitting, steel  conduit fitting, brass conduit fitting and stainless steel conduit fitting, also exported its quality products to many countries. 

  • 2014

    We decided to focus our main business on cable management systems in 2014 and then started to use the name: Chengdu Mu Yu Wen Hardware Co., Ltd. which marked the company had entered a new stage of development.

  • 2010

    In 2010, a small and family owned company was established in a beautiful town---Deyuan, Chengdu. producing and supplying electrical and industrial accessories for the local market. 

Metal flexible conduit