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The new product catalogue has been released.

Chengdu Mu Yu Wen Hardware Co., Ltd. has released the new product catalogue for flexible conduit and conduit connectors.

You can download it on the website's "Download Page"http://www.flexible-connection.com/download.html

This product catalogue includes mian products as below:

1. Non-jacketed squarelocked/interlocked flexible conduit(Galvanized steel, Stainless steel) 

2. Liquid tight metal flexible conduit(PVC+squarelocked galvanized steel with yarn inside) 

3. PVC covered squarelocked/interlocked flexible metal conduit 

4. Nonmetallic flexible conduit(PA, PE, PP)  

5. Flexible conduit fittings/connectors(Iron, nickel plated brass, stainless steel) 

6. Cable gland(Nylon, nickel plated brass, Stainless steel)

7. Other components

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