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Unjacketed flexible steel conduit---MYW-3S series

Mu Yu Wen company offers MYW-3S series, an unjacketed galvanized steel, corrosion-resistant flexible electrical conduit.This conduit type is super soft and has excellent bending performance. It is designed for tight bend applications where mechanical protection for cables is required.

The benefit of using a galvanized steel flexible conduit is that it is extra flexible and high cost-effective. Main applications could include general industrial and commercial electrical wiringprotection, machining centers and robots, any narrow space in static applications.

As a professional supplier in electrical conduit and conduit fittings. Mu Yu Wen company is committed to supplying you with quality products for a very competitive price. For more information on the company, call: +86-28-64728256; e-mail: info@flexible-connection.com; visit: www.flexible-connection.com

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