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Name:PP flexible conduit with flame retardant
Color:black, split available
Structure:both inner and outr are corrugated
Temperature range:-30℃---+110℃
Normal size:AD7.0---AD108.0
Packing:200m/roll, 100m/roll, 50m/roll, 25m/roll, 20m/roll
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MYW-PPZ Series(PDF Specifications)

Type MYW-PPZ Series have the same size with MYW-PA series. Both inner and outer are corrugated, having a good flexibility and widely used in industrial and electrical intallations.


1. Material: PP

2. Color: black, split available

3. Structure: both innner and outer are corrugated

4. Normal size: AD7.0---AD105.0

5. Temperature range:-30℃---+110℃

6. Packing: 200m/roll, 100m/roll, 50m/roll, 25m/roll, 20m/roll


Match with:

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90 degree fitting for non-metallic flexible conduit

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