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Name:Interlocked galvanized steel flexible conduit
Part No.:MYW-4S10---MYW-4S51
Temperature range:-50℃---+300℃
Protection rating:IP50
Material:high quality galvanized steel strip
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Interlocked galvanized steel flexible conduit:


Material: High quality galvanized steel strip

Temperature range: -50℃---+300℃

Protection rating: IP50

Product features:

1. Good quality galvanized steel strip and long service life.

2. Good flexibility, inner is smooth, strong tensile resistant, not easily broken or deformed.

Size(I.D): 5/16"---2"

Non-jacketed interlocked galvanized steel flexible conduit are widely used in industrial electrical field. Such as, railway projects, transportation system, air conditioner, mechanical equipment, auto-control equipment, power station, chemical plant, power transmission and distribution system, communication engineering, and other indoor & outdoor areas where the cables need to be protected.

Technical specifications:

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